A List of Completely Unreasonable People

Mohammed Ali wasn’t tough.
Mother Teresa wasn’t kind.
Jack Nicklaus wasn’t consistent.
Amelia Erhard wasn’t daring.
Albert Einstein wasn’t smart.
John Hancock wasn’t bold.
Chuck Yeager wasn’t fearless.
Thomas Edison wasn’t inventive.
Picasso wasn’t creative.
Lance Armstrong wasn’t tenacious.
Rosa Parks wasn’t brave.
Capt. “Sully” Sullenberger wasn’t calm.
Abraham Lincoln wasn’t persistent.
Henry Ford wasn’t efficient.
Martin Luther King wasn’t eloquent.
Ghandi wasn’t peaceful.
Michael Jordan wasn’t hardworking.
Mark Twain wasn’t humorous.
Jack LaLanne wasn’t healthy.
Stephanie Spielman wasn’t courageous.
Frank Sinatra wasn’t charismatic.
Michael Phelps wasn’t disciplined.
Andrew Carnegie wasn’t generous.
Chris Farley wasn’t funny.
Nelson Mandela wasn’t patient.
Napoleon Hill wasn’t inspiring.
Pat Tillman wasn’t selfless.

None of these people were (or are) any of these things. I guess I should say none of these people were “just” these things. You see, they weren’t just these things, they were these things at a completely unreasonable level.

People who are willing to live unreasonably have unparalleled ability to improve their lives and the lives of others. They create what the world needs. They set records. They inspire people while they are living and continue to inspire long after they’re gone.

To live unreasonably is to take something beyond the level where most people would stop, give, up, or consider it to be a bit crazy to continue. The good news (or is it bad?) is that the “reasonable” bar is typically set pretty low. 

If someone were to describe you, what positive adjective would they use? Any from the list above fit you? I bet at least one does.

What might you accomplish if you started living your adjective at a completely unreasonable level? What would happen if you maximized and leveraged your adjective until you became truly synonymous with it?

What’s keeping you from acting unreasonably, even just a little bit? Is it the fear of looking stupid? “I might fail.” “People will laugh at me.” “I don’t know how.” Every person on the list above got over these objections relatively quickly. And none of them knew how when they first started. They just started. Getting over the fear of looking stupid is the first step toward an unreasonable life. Getting over the fear of looking stupid is an unreasonable step all by itself.

The path to a remarkable life is full of unreasonable steps.

So I am going to make an unreasonable request of you: Find at least one way to live your adjective unreasonably today. Take it to a whole new level. Make people wonder about you. Then watch your world begin to change for the better.

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