A Letter to aloft Hotels

I was going to write a quick article about this recent great service experience, then realized I had already said everything in this letter I wrote to the front desk manager at the aloft hotel in Plano, TX. Enjoy!

Hi Matthew!

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how impressed I was with your hotel.

My family & I visited your hotel on a recent visit to Dallas/Plano. We were visiting family in the area, but took a few minutes to drop in to take a look at aloft. I had read about the hotel online and in a few magazines and had promised myself the next time I had the chance, I’d take a tour or stay in one.

It was New Year’s Eve when we came in. We were promptly met with a chorus of “Alohas” by 3 happy staffers wearing New Year’s Eve hats (actually antennae, I think). Fun first impression.

We announced that we had just stopped in to take a look. Karla immediately offered us a tour. She did a fantastic job of showing us the features of the lobby, pool, workout room (much nicer than expected, by the way), snack area, etc. She answered all of our questions and invited us to come back another time to take a look at a room when they were available. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it back during this trip, but look forward to the full experience someday soon.

I’m actually copying this letter to my blog on customer service (http://sparknewthinking.blogspot.com), which is read by thousands of people around the world each week. I wanted you (and all of the blog readers) to know that your staff did a great job and aloft is the freshest, coolest, and most fun hotel idea ever. Can’t wait to visit Plano again. I know where I’ll be staying next time.

Mark Henson
chief imagination officer

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