9 Easy Ways To Fuel Yourself For Performance

This week we’re thrilled to have a guest blogger, who also happens to be one of the expert contributors to The Rockstar Retreat on January 17-18 at sparkspace.

Lauren VanMeter is the Healthy Eating Specialist for Whole Foods Market in Columbus, OH. Using Whole Foods Market as a platform to educate others, Lauren encourages simple ways of incorporating steps of a healthy diet into the everyday norm.

One of the common traits of workplace rockstars is that they make health and well-being one of their top priorities. If you’re looking to make this change to your health, then it may be worth checking out these tips here. You might find that they’ll help you get on the right track to bettering your health.

Enjoy and learn!

9 Easy Ways To Fuel Yourself For Performance

Have you ever considered how your health affects your dreams and desires? Your passions and interests? your ability to accomplish your short- and long-term goals?

Imagine how your life will play out if you are healthy vs not healthy. Also consider the fact that what you choose to eat affects many people in your life, including future generations. Draw inspiration from what you value in your life as your reason to be healthy every day.

Making healthy changes is a personal journey, and it takes a combination of courage, commitment, and passion.

Choosing to be healthy is more than a diet – it’s positive development in your personal lifestyle.

Here are 9 easy ways to fuel yourself for performance:

  • Remember, it is a journey, not a race, and there is no finish line.

  • Start simply. When choosing what to eat, make a choice that is one step healthier than your original choice. For example:

    • Original choice: Cinnamon sugar bagel with cream cheese

    • One step healthier: Whole wheat bagel with low-fat cream cheese

  • Do not think about the past. You cannot change what has already happened. Consider the future and how you can make a healthy choice for your next meal or snack.

  • Restock your refrigerator and pantry. Become a label reader. Refill your house with whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and grains. Try to stay away from too many processed foods.

  • Love what you eat! Take cooking classes and find recipes that fit your taste. Never stop experimenting with new foods and techniques.

  • Adopt a simple mantra. Develop a phrase or find a picture that reminds you of your reason for eating healthy. Keep it posted by your desk, your bathroom mirror, or a kitchen cabinet to help motivate you to stay on your healthy eating journey.

  • Pack a delicious lunch for yourself. Buy and prepare foods that you will look forward to eating. This can be a great pick-me-up at that midpoint in your day. Stop working and take pleasure in the foods you packed for lunch.

  • Join together. As you meet others who are interested in making healthier choices, make a point to gather together and discuss your experiences. We can be a great source of power and support for each other.

  • Keep track of how you feel. Make a conscious effort to be aware of how you feel when you eat different foods.

You are important in this world! The passion and energy you put into the journey does make a difference.

Love what you eat,

Love the way you feel about life!


Whole Foods Market is a proud sponsor of The Rockstar Retreat. At Whole Foods Market we are here to support your journey to better health, however you define it in your life. We can offer assistance in finding new delicious products, or provide cooking tips that fit your lifestyle. We will do our best to help you stay on your path and discover healthy foods that you love to eat.


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