4 Keys To Rockstar Motivation

Every workplace hopefully has one or two. The Best Places To Work award winners you read about usually have them woven throughout the ocmpany. I’m talking about Rockstars — those high-performing, superstar employees whose work and results stand out from the rest. One thing Rockstars have in common wherever they appear is an uncommon level of motivation to be amazing at what they do.


We’ve been interviewing Rockstars from some of the most successful companies in America to find out what makes them tick. Here are four keys that can help you get and stay motivated like a Rockstar:

  1. Know your why. When you understand the purpose or reason behind a task or a job, it’s easier to maintain your motivation, even when things get tough. If you’re struggling, revisiting your why is a great way to recharge your mojo.
  2. Do work that motivates you. The more your role, task, or job matches up to your strengths and interests, the more you’ll be motivated by it. On the flip side, if you’re doing too much work that doesn’t engage you, the only motivation you’ll feel is to find another job.
  3. Hang out with motivated people. When you’re surrounded by motivated people, they tend to rub off on you and continually lift you up. By the way, when you’re motivated you rub off on them, too. You’ll likely have to seek them out, though, because motivated people are a rare breed.
  4. Disconnect often. Contrary to popular belief, the highest performers aren’t workaholics. In fact, the Rockstars we’ve interviewed have all stressed the importance of life outside of work. Creating mental, physical, and spiritual renewal through family, friends, recreation, community, and nature can actually increase your energy, focus, and productivity when you return to work.

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