The 10 Most Foolish Things You Do That Sabotage Your Success

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Happy April Fool’s day!

Now that I’ve written that, I realize how silly that sounds. Why would we celebrate anything foolish? Fun, yes. Foolish, no. When I Googled the word “foolish”, here’s what I found:

Foolish = lacking good sense or judgement; unwise.

It got me thinking. What are the most foolish things I’ve done lately? What have I done that was lacking good sense or judgement? What have I done that was unwise?

Rather than embarrass myself by publishing my own personal laundry list of foolishness — although I’m sure you’d get a big kick out of it — I thought I’d share with you

The 10 Most Foolish Things You Do That Sabotage Your Success:

1. Believing work is the most important relationship in your life. If you’ve got even one other living creature in your house, this belief is just messed up. Don’t believe me? Read this.

2. Saying “I can’t” when you really mean “I don’t know how to…yet.” There are times when “I can’t” may be true. This isn’t one of them.

3. Saying “Yes” too quickly. Oh, would this save us all some heartache.

4. Saying “No” too slowly. Ditto.

5. Not speaking up. You could save the day, but not if you just sit there.

6. Trying to make your weaknesses into strengths. If you’re not careful, you could end up with some really strong weaknesses.

7. Putting off something important until the perfect time. It never comes. Never ever.

8. Thinking you could/should be able to figure it out all by yourself. Ask for help, knucklehead. We’re ready and willing.

9. Comparing yourself to __________. Insert your own perfect demon here.

10. Waiting to be who you really want to be. Who is that serving? Really? Nobody.

I just re-read the list. They all said “you”.. I really meant “me”. I’m far from perfect and whole lot closer to foolish than most. So now my secret is out: I really wrote this article for me

But I do hope it helps you, too.

Happy April 1st.


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