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If your meetings are monotonous, brain-sucking time wasters, sparkspace is your antidote. If your meetings need a jolt of positive energy, we’ve got that in very large doses. If you have been searching for a way to ignite (or re-ignite) your team’s spark, well, this is definitely the place. Some have called it a magical space. Others have said it’s transformational and totally unique. How do we do it? Our staff is at the heart of it all along with a space that’s the opposite of boring. At sparkspace, we want you to have your Best Meeting Ever, every time.

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the loftThe largest of our meeting rooms features loads of cushy furniture, bold colors, exposed brick, original artwork, and a foosball table.

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the retro roomThis large conference room is named for its slightly retro décor. It features loads of cushy furniture, original artwork, and a vintage, mint-condition velvet Elvis painting (for real).

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the board roomA cool little space for creative thinking, our version of a board room seats up to 6. Ideal for meetings that are a little too long for Starbucks.

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the zenergy roomUnique features include very zen-like curved couches, bold artwork, and large windows that open to let in tons of natural air and light.

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the think tankThis room is our most colorful space and includes lots of comfy furniture, large windows that open, and a great view of the Nationwide Arena plaza.

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team sparkspaceOur staff is a crazy mix of people from DJs to retail store managers to Peace Corps volunteers. What unites us is our passion for customer service.

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